Useful Remedies for Arthritis Sufferers

Useful Remedies for Arthritis Sufferers

Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis and the usual course of treatment is through pain relief pills and other drugs. While these medicines can be helpful, there are a host of other treatments available to help alleviate the pain of arthritis. Most patients find a combination of pain relievers and alternative therapies to be the most effective solution. If you are looking for useful remedies for arthritis sufferers keep reading to learn more. With these remedies, arthritis pain does not need to keep you from living a full and pain-free life.

Sodium channel blockers that are applied topically are a popular treatment option used to lessen the painful effects of arthritis. These creams and gels numb the nerve endings that are close to the skin thereby dulling the pain emitted from these receptors. A popular sodium channel blocker is Lidocaine which is sold over the counter without the need for a prescription. NSAID topical creams typically require a prescription and work as an anti-inflammatory. These topical options are a great choice for people that want to avoid pills that may upset their stomach or may interfere with other medicines that they are taking.

Electrical nerve stimulation via TENS is another non-drug option that can help to relieve pain. The electrode pads are affixed directly to the skin at the affected area, which then send electric shocks to the painful spots.  Currents travel through larger fibers than the pain impulses and are able to shut them out to some degree. The electric shocks also serve as a trigger to the brain to release more endorphins that help to ease the pain the patient is experiencing. TENS are not an option for anyone that has a pacemaker, open sores, or an infection. This treatment is typically conducted on an outpatient basis rather than in the home.

Many more doctors are encouraging their patients to adopt a meditation practice in order to help them deal with the symptoms of arthritis. This strategy is utilized in tandem with other more traditional treatments, and the medical community is advocating that a combination of both medicinal and alternative therapies for their arthritis patients. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress which in turn has numerous positive effects on the body. Blood pressure can decrease, which will reduce inflammation and help the brain respond differently to pain. Doctors recommend 20 minutes of meditation at least twice a day to help to keep stress levels in check.

The pain of arthritis can cause many people to decrease their activity level and lessen their quality of life. These antidotes for arthritis pain can help you to manage the condition without adding more medicines to your daily routine. TENS, topical ointments, and meditation have all been proven to be successful in lessening the symptoms of arthritis, especially when used in conjunction with traditional medications. If you are currently being treated for arthritis, now may be the time to discuss these complementary therapies with your health care provider.

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