How to Best Manage Your Heart Disease

How to Best Manage Your Heart Disease

There are a number of non-medical steps that you can take to better manage your heart disease that will help maintain your quality of life. As heart disease is not curable, it is important to keep your condition in check and adhere to your doctor-provided management plan. Patients that suffer from heart disease should consider their doctor their partner in wellness and be sure to follow all treatment plans and communicate any issues to their doctor in a prompt manner. There are many simple ways to stay healthy and maintain or improve your current level of health, just keep reading to learn more about how to best manage your heart disease.

One of the best things that you can do for your heart health is to quit smoking. Smoking is detrimental even in the best of circumstances, and if you suffer from heart disease it can cause your condition to worsen. If there are several lifestyle changes that your doctor has suggested, it is a good idea to tackle quitting smoking first. As you begin your journey to becoming a non-smoker be sure to go easy on yourself, quitting is a very difficult proposition and one that will likely require multiple tries before it sticks.

Weight gain can creep up as you age, and obesity or being significantly overweight carries with it a host of health problems.  Altering your daily routine to include more activity is easily accomplished and soon you will be building upon all of your little successes. If you have been sedentary for most of your life, it is a good idea to start small and gradually increase your level of exercise. Something as simple as parking farther away from the store than you do normally can help you to change your mindset to one that is focused on increased activity.

Altering your eating habits is another way to lose weight and increase your overall good health. Heart-healthy foods such as vegetables and lean fish can be substituted for processed foods and red meat. Again, any progress is worth celebrating, and you don’t need to change everything overnight. Take a few steps that you know you can stick with and build upon them each week. Incorporating better eating habits is much easier to do when cooking at home, and adopting a new hobby like cooking can help you feel like you are gaining something healthy rather than denying yourself what you want.

Heart disease affects many Americans, and altering some common lifestyle problems can help you to manage your heart disease while increasing your quality of life. Consult with your doctor on tips for quitting smoking, and menu ideas for heart-healthy meals. Be sure to discuss any anticipated changes with them before you start, and be sure that you are healthy enough to begin exercising. Heart disease can be managed successfully with medication and some common sense lifestyle changes that you can work on under your physician’s guidance. Living a heart-healthy life does not need to be one that is boring or feels like a chore! Healthy eating and becoming more active are two great ways that you can maintain your quality of life and expand your current horizons!

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