Helpful Hints for Getting Your Kids Outside

Helpful Hints for Getting Your Kids Outside

With the advent of technological media and its large role in entertainment, many children are missing out on playing outdoors in non-structured activities. There are many ways to increase the amount of time that your child spends in the fresh air, and these helpful hints for getting your kids outside can help your family adopt some new and healthy habits. Fostering a love and appreciation of nature in young children can be the first step in a lifetime filled with a love of the outdoors. Playing outside does not need to be curtailed by safety concerns if some basic common sense steps are taken.

When family bike rides or weekend hikes are integrated into the usual routine, children will come to consider outdoor activities to be just another part of regular life. If the area where you live is not conducive to bicycle riding, find a nearby park or trail system that can be used. Spending the day outside with the entire family is a perfect way to gain deeper connections between siblings as well as between parent and child.

Encouraging your kids to invite their friends over for outdoor playtime is another way to help them leave their indoor comfort zone. Playing games such as Hide and Seek and Tag is an effective way to get your kids active while having fun, and the more the merrier!

Implement internet and TV-free time periods after school and on the weekends to encourage your kids to consider other entertainment options than TV and devices. Many times kids just plunk themselves down in front of the television out of habit, and will often choose another option when it is presented to them.

Organized sports will get your kids active and also teach them many important life lessons as well as the benefits of teamwork. In addition to school-sponsored teams, many municipalities have sports leagues for kids, especially in the summer months. Sports teams also have the added benefit of adult supervision which can help to decrease some of the worry that many parents feel when their kids are outside.

Children with active physical lives reap many benefits in addition to better health and fitness levels. Their concentration can improve and they can be more focused in classroom situations. Team sports offer a full complement of benefits, with the one downfall that they do not allow for much if any, free play. Introducing your children to the outdoors and helping them to gain an appreciation of nature is an asset that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Spending more free time outdoors as a family will strengthen your relationships and will allow your children to interact with you in a more relaxed manner. Family outings, organized sports, and just getting outside and running around are all ways to increase the health of your children. Free play is very important for children, and encouraging them to get outside and play games with their friends is an effective way to help improve their overall well-being.

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