Goop Blog Causing a Scientific Stir

Goop Blog Causing a Scientific Stir

The popular holistic blog of actress Gwyneth Paltrow, named Goop, has recently received some attention from science and medical professionals addressing concerns about the validity of some of the site’s science-adjacent claims. For a moment, NASA even got into the action in order to disclaim one of the statements made by Goop which was indeed erroneous. With the popularity of sites such as Paltrow’s, it is brought into question whether they cause more harm than good with some of their more out-there claims and beliefs. Read on to learn more about how the medical and scientific communities are responding to Goop’s health and wellness claims.

This mainstream site is popular with health enthusiasts that are interested in learning more about alternative methods for gaining excellent health. While most professionals have declined to comment on the website and its claims, when they do enter the fray it is usually not with positive or supportive intent. If you are wondering about the NASA situation, here is a bit more info: Goop claimed that the Body Vibe stickers that the site was touting utilized the same materials as NASA’s space suits. NASA rejected the claim and the site removed the information to investigate further, per their statement.

This dismissal from NASA is not the first time that a science or medicine professional has opined on the validity of Goop’s claims, and similar to other instances, the determination was not positive. If you are a fan of the Goop site or are wondering what all of the fuss is about, there is a lot of information out there to read and learn more. In fact, one doctor, Dr. Jennifer Gunter, a gynecologist from San Francisco, has taken to her own blog to dispel a number of the claims that Paltrow is making on the site.

While a bit tongue in cheek in her responses, Gunter brings some important considerations to the fore. It is widely believed that the wellness products, including supplements, that are available on the Goop website are overpriced and ineffective. However, there have been some questions raised by Gunter and others about whether some of the so-called medical advice on the site may, in fact, be harmful. Gunter and other professionals caution fans of Goop to take their recommendations lightly and also confer with their doctor before taking any supplements or other medications.

Yes, the medical community is skeptical of many of Goop’s claims, but there has not been any serious discussion about the site being knowingly harmful or malicious in its advice. Like many lifestyle sites, Goop has some great products and tips for adding panache to your daily life, but when it comes to medical topics, it is always best to seek professional advice. If you want to give the Body Vibes energy focusing stickers a try, by all means, do so. While they may not work, the product is not harmful and the worst part of the experience will likely be shelling out $120 for some pseudo-science.

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