Getting Started with Essential Oils

Getting Started with Essential Oils

There are a lot of differing perspectives when it comes to the topic of essential oils, as many swear by their efficacy, while others consider them little better than snake oil. Whether they hold all of the healing properties that their advocates state, there is no denying that essential oils, and aromatherapy, have a calming effect on most everyone. If you are interested in getting started with essential oils, these basic options will add an additional sensory element to your daily life. Alternative medicine has embraced the use of essential oils for decades, and now traditional medicine is also taking notice of the benefits of aromatherapy.

Lavender, lemon, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil are some of the most popular oils that offer an informative introduction into the world of essential oils. If you are seeking a holistic remedy for many ailments or you are looking for an organic solution for some simple household tasks, these oils offer a great alternative to chemical laden products.

In addition to having numerous uses for relaxation, lavender is also an effective home remedy for cuts and burns. A few drops on your pillow at bedtime can help you to relax and enjoy a more sound and restorative sleep. Many people add lavender to their laundry to imbue their home with its comforting home.

Many families are turning to less harmful cleaning products and lemon is a useful oil to have on hand when making your own natural cleaning supplies. In addition to cutting grease and eliminating odors, this oil can improve lymphatic drainage and overall cleansing of the body.

Anyone that has used a menthol rub to treat a cold is familiar with the healing properties of eucalyptus. This topical oil treatment is effective in treating any sinus or respiratory ailment. Placing a small amount under the nose can help to ease congestion and relieve the symptoms of sinusitis.

Tea Tree Oil is a popular ingredient in natural acne treatments and is also used as an anti-fungal agent. Many people apply the oil directly to break-outs for a new drying solution to acne, In homemade cleaning products, it will serve as an effective anti-bacterial solution.

Aromatherapy can help to increase your level of relaxation and these basic essential oils can also perform a number of healing tasks as well as aid in household chores. These essential oils are a great way to remove chemicals from your home and improve your overall well-being. Diffusers are an effective way to enjoy aromatherapy throughout your home, and there are many models available across most price ranges. Warming water on the stovetop and adding a few drops of oil to the continuously warmed water is an effective aromatherapy solution for those without a diffuser.

Adding a few essential oils to your daily routine can help you to enhance your home environment while performing holistic tasks. These essential oils are a great way to dip your toe into the water and discover how they can enhance your everyday life.

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