Effective Study Techniques for ADHD Patients

Effective Study Techniques for ADHD Patients

Students that suffer from ADHD have a difficult time focusing and find homework and test taking to be extremely challenging. If your child has ADHD, there are a number of helpful hints that can make homework and study time a lot less stressful. By providing a structured environment with a regular daily routine that is closely followed, you can help your student to embrace better behavior patterns that will assist in their learning experience and overall comprehension of their study matter. Continue reading to learn more about these effective study techniques for ADHD patients.

One of the most important factors of a successful study regimen is routine and repetition. Creating an environment when the same tasks are completed at the same time each day can lead to order and lessen confusion. To create this environment it is important to have an area of the home that is solely dedicated to studying and is as far removed from possible distraction as possible. Be firm in the rule against having devices and other distractions in this area unless they are being used as study aids. Equip the location with all possible necessities in order to eliminate disruptions and loss of focus.

One-hour sessions, with breaks, are more effective than marathon study times, and if possible, break up the study time to multiple sessions throughout the day rather than waiting until evening. The student should begin their studying immediately after each class, when the information is still fresh in their mind, by reviewing their notes and highlighting important information. This practice will eliminate the need for stressful cram sessions the night before an exam and will keep the student engaged in the learning process. Many ADHD students find the SQ4R to be helpful in staying on top of their learning without adding undue stress to their school experience. Survey, Question, Read, Rite (write), Recite, and Review has proven a successful tactic for many students.

ADHD students can be easily distracted and one way to combat this trait is to keep them engaged while they are studying or doing homework. Strategies include actively reading aloud, utilizing stimulation devices, taking notes as they read through the material, and using highlighters to help absorb information. These action steps can prevent distraction and a loss of interest in the material and task at hand. Allow for breaks on a regular basis, but make sure that they are part of the regular schedule and not a time-wasting tactic.

Overcoming ADHD and creating an effective study and homework routine can be challenging and at times frustrating, but there are many success stories that can provide inspiration. Rely on structure and routine to create a framework of success, and celebrate and recognize positive performance when even the simplest goals and milestones are met. Encouraging a child with ADHD may feel like an uphill battle at times, but with these effective study hints, you can help your child improve their performance at school and in life.

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