Best Ways to Prevent Type II Diabetes

Best Ways to Prevent Type II Diabetes

Type II Diabetes can be prevented, and people who are genetically predisposed to the disease can take steps to decrease the likelihood of acquiring the disease. These best ways to prevent type II diabetes are easy to incorporate into your daily life and do not require any drastic changes to your lifestyle. In short, the best ways to avoid diabetes are to eat a healthy, balanced diet, keep slim, and stay active! While these initiatives are easier said than done, these helpful hints can help you stay diabetes-free.

One of the easiest ways to keep weight in check is to reduce portion sizes. Many people find success in eating off of smaller plates, which makes it appear that their portions are still pretty big, another good hack is to consume your protein in portion sizes that are equivalent to the size of your fist. Try eating just half a bagel or sandwich, leaving the second half for another meal or snack, or cooking in smaller portion sizes. For example, if you normally make your hamburgers six ounces try decreasing them incrementally until you are eating a three or four ounce burger. Smaller portions allow you to obtain the nutrients that you need without overeating.

In addition to eating less, there are probably changes that can be made to the foods that you eat in order to increase their nutritional value. Start by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables while cutting down on overly processed foods. Reducing dairy products from your diet is an easy way to cut your fat intake and the amount of calories that you are consuming. Try to eliminate fried foods completely, or at the very least begin to consider them a once in a while treat rather than a regularly eaten food.

Exercise is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life and many people do not get nearly enough. If you are working to decrease your chance for diabetes be sure to add more exercise to your daily routine. There are simple ways to start being more active and when you continue to add more to your daily routine you will be surprised at the positive results. Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of sustained exercise or activity at least five days a week. Walking is an easy way to start moving, and as you grow stronger, ankle and wrist weights can be added to increase your caloric output.

Diabetes is preventable and if you keep your weight in check while maintaining high activity levels as you age, your chances of avoidance will increase. Be sure to have regular check-ups with your physician, including blood work to monitor your insulin levels. If you have a genetic disposition for diabetes your doctor can provide helpful suggestions for simple alterations to your lifestyle. It is much more effective to actively work to prevent diabetes than to manage it, especially when it is avoidable. Keep moving and stay conscious of what you are eating to help keep diabetes at bay!

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