Alternative Treatments for Cancer Patients

Alternative Treatments for Cancer Patients

As the medical community becomes more comfortable with the effectiveness of alternative therapies, more cancer treatment options are becoming available. The Mayo Clinic reports that while alternative therapies don’t bring us closer to curing cancer, they can provide relief from symptoms and help to strengthen the patient’s body and immune system. They recommend ten alternative treatments that can help to reduce conditions that make battling cancer an uphill struggle. For example, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook if you are constantly nauseous and unable to eat enough to sustain a healthy level of nutrition in your body. Continue reading to learn more about alternative treatments for fighting cancer.

Cancer patients report that these alternative measures help them to feel better physically which also helps them to have a better mental outlook on life. There a number of side effects to chemotherapy and radiation that can be successfully treated with natural methods. Feeling anxious and nauseous can be lessened through meditation and deep breathing exercises. And many patients report success with acupuncture in treating their pain and nausea. If you are being treated with any medication that causes the blood to thin, then acupressure will be a better course of treatment for you.

Doctors are now realizing the benefit of adding complementary therapies to their patients’ overall medical treatment plans and are encouraged by the results. The combination of both chemotherapy or radiation with natural treatments is becoming more popular as more people learn of the success that this approach can yield. Most treatments that are effective in fighting cancer can have a detrimental effect on the rest of the body that can be difficult to overcome. By utilizing the combined approach, patients are enjoying a higher quality of life and are better able to successfully meet the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Alternative treatments have the added benefit of increasing the strength of the patient’s immune system which has a very positive effect on their overall health and the body’s ability to continue fighting. Hypnosis and massage are two other treatments that are effective in helping cancer patients. Hypnosis is especially helpful in preventing patients from feeling stress prior to uncomfortable treatments or those that have caused illness in the past. By overcoming these mental hurdles, the mind is no longer creating a more stressful situation for the body. Many cancer centers now have massage therapists on staff and are an integral part of every patient’s treatment plan.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, be sure to discuss these alternative methods with your doctor to learn how they can benefit your overall treatment. It is important to remember that while very beneficial, these treatments are in no way considered to be replacements for traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The power is in the combination of the two approaches, and one without the other will not reach the same level of success as the two combined. Cancer treatments are evolving and with this recent naturalistic approach added to traditional medicine, the results continue to improve.

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