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Exercise and the Positive Impact it Can Have On Your Mental Health

In addition to all of its positive physical aspects, exercise has proven to have a positive influence on mental health as well. If you are seeking ways to improve your overall wellbeing, in addition to your… read more

How to Choose the Right Therapist

Choosing the right therapist can make a significant difference in the effectiveness of your treatment, and is a decision that should be thoughtfully considered. There is no magical formula for finding the best therapist for your… read more

Is Group Therapy an Appropriate Option for You?

Group therapy is an option for people looking to address any mental health issues that they may be facing, but many patients may be reluctant to join a group of strangers to talk about their problems.… read more

Top Antidepressant Medications

To date, there is no cure for depression, but many patients find relief through the use of antidepressants. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to depression, and you and your doctor may need to try multiple drugs… read more

What is Biofeedback and How Can it Help You?

Biofeedback utilizes the brain’s power to alter unconscious behaviors such as blood pressure and heart rate in a way that helps to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. This practice has shown positive results for patients with… read more

Effective Study Techniques for ADHD Patients

Students that suffer from ADHD have a difficult time focusing and find homework and test taking to be extremely challenging. If your child has ADHD, there are a number of helpful hints that can make homework… read more

How Meditation and Other Alternative Treatments Can Help Improve Mental Health

Mental health professionals are always looking for effective ways to meet their clients’ needs, and many are now turning to meditation and other alternative therapies in addition to medications such as anti-depressants. There is a lot… read more

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